Fostering Cats


Season 8

Samantha from Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles was a foster mom to 2 Mojito and Groucho, who found their forever home after being relocated from Los Angeles to Boulder. Fostering is a wonderful, hands on way to help homeless cats. Many shelters have foster programs and they need families to take in kittens (and sometimes adult cats, too). The need for foster homes is generally highest in the spring and summer.

Want to help? Simply search online for “animal shelter” and the name of your town or county. Lots of shelters have information about fostering right on their websites, so getting started is easy. Read up, give them a call and learn about their program. If you want to be a superstar foster parent, you can even borrow a page from The Jackson Galaxy Project’s signature program, Cat Pawsitive, and train your foster kitties to win an adopter’s heart with cute tricks like a “high five.”