Destination: Catification

As seen in: Season 7, Episode 10, A Brave New Cat World

catified-shelter-(2).jpgOne of the sad truths about animal shelters is the fact that the very places set up to help cats get new homes can also be the most mojo-draining places for felines.  The sights, loud sounds and strange smells at shelters are unnerving to most cats, which can lead to unhappy cats, few adoptions, and sad shelter staff and volunteers. Cats that have lost their mojo don’t put their best paw forward for adopters. Some become aggressive and try to control the situation with their teeth and claws, growling and hissing all the while. Some use their super-stealth mode and hide away in the farthest corner or under a blanket, refusing to interact with people at all. Stress can also lead to upper respiratory infections and other sicknesses. None of these things help a cat charm its way into a new home and heart.

Jackson used his understanding of cat behavior and his experience in animal sheltering to transform California shelter Santé D’Or into a haven that lets the cats’ personality shine.