Operation Homeward Bound

In 1973, an estimated 13 million dogs and cats were euthanized in the US.  There has been amazing progress over time, euthanasia rates have dropped by 60% even as the number of pet dogs and cats in the US has more than doubled.

There is still much work to be done. Three-to-four million dogs and cats are currently euthanized each year, and lifesaving progress is not equal in all areas of the country. Areas with accessible and affordable spay/neuter programs have dramatically reduced the number of animals being euthanized and have increased adoptions to the point where they can transfer in animals from other regions. While we continue to keep driving those euthanasia numbers down, we must help animals in high risk shelters right now.

Jackson is committed to moving animals to where they can find a home. In the past year, he has twice driven over 1,000 miles, saving the lives of dozens of cats and kittens, and establishing our Operation Homeward Bound (OHB) initiative. OHB saves lives and gives hope not only to homeless animals, but to the people who care for them. High risk shelters are tough places to work emotionally, burn out is high, and Jackson knows that helping shelter workers get a much-needed win gives them hope and motivation to continue their life saving work.

What was a personal journey is now becoming a wider mission for The Jackson Galaxy Project. With his high profile, Jackson serves as a lightning rod for innovative transport ideas, and The Jackson Galaxy Project can spread the light, hope and resources to save more lives. This vision includes transportation customized for cats. These Catified Units will let cats travel in comfort and with minimal stress. Outgoing cats could look out the window, while shyer felines could tunnel into cozy spaces where they feel safe.

We can get cats homeward bound with your help. Please join in this effort and put Jackson’s vision in action by donating to The Jackson Galaxy Project.