My Cat From Hell


Before he was the Cat Daddy on Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy became aware of the harsh reality for homeless animals while working in an animal shelter. It was there he started the journey to cat behaviorist and animal advocate. Some of Jackson’s favorite My Cat From Hell episodes take him back to into shelters to help rescue cats. Find out how you can get involved and help spread light, love and mojo for cats in need by taking a deeper dive into the topics covered in these special episodes. You can also be a part of the work of The Jackson Galaxy Project – created to improve the lives of animals and help the people who care for them. Thanks for visiting, please browse our website and sign up for our newsletter for more!

Destination Catification

As seen in: Season 7, Episode 10, A Brave New Cat World 

One of the sad truths about animal shelters is the fact that the very places set up to help cats get new homes can also be the most mojo-draining places for felines. Cats that have lost their mojo don’t put their best paw forward for adopters. Some become aggressive and try to control the situation with their teeth and claws, growling and hissing all the while. Some use their super-stealth mode and hide away in the farthest corner or under a blanket, refusing to interact with people at all. Stress can also lead to upper respiratory infections and other sicknesses. None of these things help a cat charm its way into a new home and heart.

Transferring Cats from Higher Supply Shelters to Higher Demand Areas

As seen in: Kitten Impossible, Roadtrip Rescue, Season 9

Three-to-four million dogs and cats are currently euthanized each year, and lifesaving progress is not equal in all areas of the country. Areas with accessible and affordable spay/neuter programs have dramatically reduced the number of animals being euthanized and have increased adoptions to the point where they can transfer in animals from other regions. While we continue to keep driving those euthanasia numbers down, we must help animals in high risk shelters right now. Jackson is committed to moving animals to where they can find a home. What was a personal journey is now becoming a wider mission for his Foundation.

Trap, Neuter, Return

As seen in:  Season 7, Episode 5 “Breaking Bald”; Season 7, Episode 7 “Gotham Feral Cats”; And coming in Season 9!

One of the greatest challenges for animal shelters is the sheer number of cats that need homes. Why so many cats? One major reason is that there are many unowned, outdoor cats, often called “feral cats” or “community cats.” These cats can, and do, start breeding at a young age and can have two or three litters of kittens every year.  Trap- Neuter-Return (TNR) is a method of population control that is both humane and effective.

Fostering Cats

As Seen On Season 8

Samantha from Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles was a foster mom to to Mojito and Groucho, who found their forever home after being relocated from Los Angeles to Boulder. Fostering is a wonderful, hands on way to help homeless cats. Many shelters have foster programs and they need families to take in kittens (and sometimes adult cats, too). The need for foster homes is generally highest in the spring and summer.